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ITV media player 5.1

Streams the live TV channels that broadcast on the Internet
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Watch live TV on the desktop PC using a streaming service which provides more than 3000 TV channels with premium content from various categories.

iTVmediaPlayer is a free application which provides free TV service through your computer or regular TV set. It provides access to almost 3,000 TV channels; including premium channels in entertainment, cartoons, sports, news, educational, and movie genres.

The catch is that iTVmediaPlayer still embraces the original TV concept: We are supported by advertisers and, therefore, free to the consumer. So, scroll down and get your FREE download right now! (100% free! No credit card required.)

Main features:
- Premium Channels Selections

- Almost 3,000 Total TV Channels

- TV Channels From all Over the World
- Display on Your Home TV Set
- Convenient Remote Option
- No Monthly Payments

- No Service Contracts

- 24/7 Customer Help

- Major International Channels

- Constantly Updated with New Channels

- Free, Fully-Automatic, Unlimited Updates

- No Viruses, Adwares or Spywares

- Compatible with Windows & Mac OS

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